.                        AB Quality Control

Stealth Projects Ltd. takes pride in maintaining a high level of client satisfaction through continuous improvement in our quality control and assurance program.

Our top priority remains focused on quality of work and that the management of Stealth Projects Ltd. is committed to the development and implementation of a successful ABSA and BCSA Registered Quality Management System Program and to continually improve its effectiveness.

Stealth Projects Ltd. works closely with our clients and ABSA/BCSA Safety Code Officers to ensure that construction, repair and alteration of pressure equipment and piping systems are built in accordance to applicable ASME code and standards, Safety Code Act and Regulations, PESR, CSA B51 and that the client's specifications and expectations are exceeded and satisfied.

Our ABSA/BCSA Registered Welding Procedure Specification process covers all applicable ASME codes outlined in the Certificate of Authorization Permits and CSA Z662 Pipeline Fabrication.

Our Quality Control Team is compromised of competent personnel who strive to minimize the rework, maintain the accuracy and implementation of all QC elements in accordance to QMS, applicable codes and client specifications.  We also generate AutoCAD and Acorn drawings for both installation and fabrication process.  Furthermore, our QC turnover packages are completed and delivered on time to the full satisfaction of our clients.

Stealth Projects Ltd. proudly announces that we offer the following services to our clients in both ABSA and BCSA Provincial Jurisdictions.