Using government legislation STEALTH PROJECTS LTD. has built a safety program to make sure that all its workers as well as any other workers on site are working on a safe work site.


Using safe work practices and safe job procedures our workers can ensure that they are not only doing their tasks correctly but safely as well.


STEALTH PROJECTS LTD. teaches that it is no longer just the right, but also the responsibility of all workers to refuse unsafe work.


STEALTH PROJECTS LTD is a proud member of Comply Works as well as ISNetworld to help communicate all the safety information to all owners.


STEALTH PROJECTS LTD also has a COR recognition from ACSA that is audited every three years to ensure compliance


STEALTH PROJECTS LTD employs a full time safety manager to make sure that safety is not only understood but followed as well.


We understand that with co-operation and team work we can ensure that hazards are eliminated before they cause an accident.